Food Industry Innovation

Enzymes for food industry-----Ensure food safety with bio-technology

Green, Safe, Efficient

Enzymes for food industry are high-tech products developed based on the specific requirement for flour improvement, wine flavoring, food degreasing, etc. For example, some can be used as processing aids in the baking, brewing, and dairy industries; some are used for depulping in the fruit juice industry; some are used as a pretreatment to increase extraction in the edible oils industry; and there are also other enzymes used in the flavor industry to modify and enhance natural flavors often by the controlled degradation of natural non-flavored substances.

These safe, healthy, efficient and low-cost enzymes are developed based on our patented technology and years of professional research. After years of promotion and application, our food enzymes have been adopted by many domestic manufacturers and sold to customers from all over the world. Leveking enzymes have brought good economic benefit for our customers and have received high evaluation.