LEVEKING has an experienced and skilled R&D team, which is composed of doctors, masters, and senior experts. At the same time, we have established cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes and realized scientific research exchanges. As high technology we own, it makes our products with excellent stability and favorable temperature resistance.

In bio-enzyme research field, LEVEKING has built up many labs research from finding the culture to develop the application in different industries. Now we have a modern Technology Centre with the latest equipment and also maintain close relations with universities and research institutions.

Nearly all our customers are looking for an individual solution, and we design a suitable enzyme or multi-enzyme compound to meet this specific requirement.

One of our most important activities is developing new strains of micro-organisms for enzyme production;

So we have to keep putting 15%-25% revenue and 36% of manpower into our R&D.

We have the know-how and the infrastructure to select suitable components from hundreds of single enzymes, to change them where necessary and then combine them to create exactly the right individual solution. We subject these enzyme compounds to exhaustive tests for their function in the product and adjust them before releasing them for production.