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Committed to becoming a world-class enzymes enterprise

LEVEKING since 2001 is a biotechnology enterprise with a strong focus on enzymes production and bio-based ingredients solutions service. Our products and solutions are used for food, animal nutrition, leather technology, papermaking, health care, new energy resources and material development and other industrial applications worldwide.

"Create a Green World with Biotechrhology"is our mission.We are committed toworkingtogetherwithcustomersto create better and leading technology, products and solutions in an eco-friendly, sustainable and profitable way by nature's own materials, science and our know-how.

LEVEKING has an experienced and skilled R&D team, which is composed of doctors, masters and senior experts.At the same time,we have established cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes and realized scientific research exchanges. As high technology we own,it makes our products with excellent stability and favorable temperature resistance.

We have modern production plants with the latest facilities and highest standard operating procedures. The productionis operated automatically by a modern process control and visual display system. Quality assurance guarantees conformity with HACCP standard. Quality is strict controlled from the raw materials to the finished products.


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