About Us

Committed to becoming the most reliable fermentation solution provider

LEVEKING, founded in 2001, is a biotechnology enterprise with a strong focus on enzyme production and provides fermentation-based ingredients solutions. 

Our products and solutions have been used worldwide in food, animal nutrition, leather technology, papermaking, health care, new energy resources and material development, and other industrial applications.

Create a Green World with Biotechnology

We are committed to working together with customers to create better and leading technology, products, and solutions in an eco-friendly, sustainable, and profitable way with nature's own materials, science, and our know-how.


We supply Natural Preservatives and Enzyme Preparations for industrial Food&Beverage applications, such as bakery, beverage, meat, condiment, RTE, etc. 

We supply Enzymes for Animal Nutrition and other industries such as Leather and Paper.

Certified by ISO22000, ISO9001-2015, BRCGS, FDA, Halal and Kosher


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