LEVEKING has established state-of-the-art plants in Chizhou, Anhui Province.

Our modern production plants have the latest facilities and the highest standard operating procedures. The production is operated automatically by a modern process control and visual display system. Quality assurance guarantees conformity with HACCP standards. Quality is strictly controlled from the raw materials to the finished products.

LEVEKING has decades of experience in manufacturing sophisticated compounds of active ingredients. We understand that gentle processing, maximum adherence to the formulation, and absolute safety and reliability are essential in the production of enzyme preparations and multi-enzyme compounds. 

  • - Easy-to-clean plant ensuring maximum quality and flexibility.

  • - Central process control system enabling an unbroken line of documentation.

  • - Reliable traceability of batches of raw materials and packaging materials.

  • - Compliance with product registrations and customer approvals

  • - Sustainable production process