LEVEKING (since 2001) is one of global leading enzymes and bio-based products manufacturers. Aiming at working together as your reliable partners to develop eco-friendly & cost-efficient products and solutions.

We offer natural preservatives for industrial applications worldwide covers the field of for Food & Beverage, such as bakery,beverage,meat,condiment,RTE, etc.

We offer enzymes for industrial applications worldwide covers the field of Enzymes for Food & Beverage, Animal Nutrition and Industrial Enzymes.

-  Pioneer in fermented natural preservatives production for organic food freshness

-  Globally first on animal nutrition with lipase tech. as a leading lipases manufacturer

-  Pioneer in putting “make-in-China” baking/cereal enzymes worldwide

-  Customer from >30 countries are buying our products

-  Cooperated with Universities for new products development

-  Established state-of-the-art plants in Anhui

-  Approved by ISO22000, ISO 9001-2008, BRC,FDA,Halal and Kosher


Our Mission

Create A Green World With Biotechnology

Committed to Green Environment Protection and Health.

Devotes itself to using Bio-tech products to minimize the utilization of chemicals, industrial pollution and chemical hazards to human.