Industrial Bio-tech Innovation

Enzymes for pulp & paper --- Energy saving and emission reduction

Leveking is China’s most experienced manufacturer and supplier of enzymes to the pulp & paper industry. Leveking pulp & paper enzymes have treated more than 10 million tones of pulp every year.

Our deinking product is used in the deinking of recycling paper to decrease the usage of chemicals, reduce cost, improve quality, and improve throughput. Leveking offers comprehensive start-up support, equipment, and ongoing service programs that improve the benefits to customers.

Leveking enzyme products are the most advanced in the industry, combining state-of-the-art protein engineering with leading quality control methods to protect pulp quality.

Enzymes for leather industry---Environment friendly solution

Leather bio-technology based on enzymes has unique advantages: clean and environment friendly. Its application can radically solve the serious pollution problem caused by leather industry and accelerate the sustainable development of leather industry.

Through innovative product development or a more cost-efficient production process, Leveking create distinctive value for our customers by combining our superior leather processing application know-how with leading-edge enzyme technology.