Our Innovation Capabilities

Research and Innovation fields:

Based on the demand of market, Leveking research and innovation are seeking for best solutions which are sustainable and commercially viable with world-class technology and high-tech laboratories. So far, Leveking has completed a lot of research works and gained fruitful achievements in the application of bio-enzymes in pulp and paper industry, animal nutrition, food health and safety etc. Meanwhile, a lot of research works on the enzymes’ application in human health, biological medicine, green energy, environmental protection and other fields are under way.

R&D team

Teamed up by doctors, masters, and senior industry experts who are involved in enzyme engineering research and development, bacteria culture, application research and development and other fields, Leveking R&D team is professional, active, creative and full of dreams and strives to provide best solutions to various industries

Leveking also maintains good communication with first-class scientific research institutions and top universities at home and abroad. Leveking has formed an expert consultant team composed of a number of well-known industries experts and professors at home and abroad, established a series of good R&D mechanism and platforms, to set up comprehensive industry-university-institute cooperation with the company.

R&D Platform

With continuous developments and efforts, we have established a Leveking centered research platforms system including Leveking R&D center, Leveking & top universities cooperation platform, Leveking & research institutions cooperation platform. Leveking R&D center is the most important organization of Leveking, in which the incubation and innovative research of Leveking core bio-technology are undertaken. It’s also responsible for the applied research of industrialization of Leveking bio-enzyme technology and has made great contribution to achieve the practical application of enzyme technology. 

Leveking has established cooperation with more than ten top universities at home and abroad, to transfer the most advanced academic research and scientific achievement into practical technology and realize industrialization.

Leveking & research institutions cooperative R&D center is the third center established by Leveking. It’s a platform for our exchange with various industries and for our global win-win development.